Bluffing – An Ingenious Trick

Many poker enthusiasts are of the strong opinion that poker should be considered as a game of skill rather than tagged as a game of chance, and the primary reason for this opinion is bluffing. No player can claim to have become a master of poker unless he has mastered how to use bluffing to his advantage. A newbie who has read poker guides usually goes with the usual moves like betting for great pocket cards and waiting for flop/turn/river in hope for a slice of luck or to simply fold even before the flop of the pocket cards are low. Even though these basic strategies are useful in most situations, to give a cutting edge to your poker game strategy you need to go beyond the obvious.

Following are some useful tips regarding bluffing which are employed by poker pros:

Poker Bluffing Tips

Those who have mastered the art of bluffing successfully deceive their opponents in assuming that their cards are weak when in reality they hold a strong hand. Similarly, players also use this ingenious technique to delude their fellow players into perceiving that they have a weak hand, while the reality is quite the opposite. In short, bluffing is all about playing asia818 with the mind of your opponent, and making sure that he does not have a clue about the cards you have.

But bluffing is not that easy as it may sound as proper preparation and skill are required. Following two techniques will help you understand how a bluff is arranged for:

Be Predictable

The ideal situation when a bluff is most successful is when your opponents think that you are becoming predictable. For the first few hands before going for a bluff, you can safely start playing textbook poker. When you have good cards keep calling, and fold straight away if you get a bad hand. And when you hit upon a match-winning hand go all-out.

After a few hands, your opponents will pick on your style of playing and will start altering their game accordingly. Now you have set up the perfect platform to use bluffing to your advantage. It is always useful if others start tagging you like a tight or a loose player because then your bluff will be more effective.

Be Unpredictable

Another way of making your bluff successful is to become unpredictable. Whenever you get a bad hand, do not show your emotions and the same care should be employed in case of a great hand. As the game proceeds players around you will think of you as an unknown commodity and you can use this as a great opportunity to throw in your bluff.